Types Of Care

Everyone has a life worth celebrating. The Cottage Nursing Home offers many different types of care and support for adults.

This includes:-

  • Care services for older people,
  • People living with dementia,
  • Accommodation and support,
  • Respite support,
  • Supported living and community support for adults with a range of disabilities.

No matter which service you experience at The Cottage Nursing Home, our focus on quality means that people who use our services will receive individual care and support; which is personalised to them and is provided by skilled, trained, friendly staff.

The services that we offer are designed around the individual to ensure that they have choice, control and direction in the way that they are supported in everyday life.

The Cottage Nursing Home Way of Life

At The Cottage Nursing Home, we pride ourselves in treating all our residents as individuals. We listen to their comments and wishes about the running of the care home, as we recognise that it is their home.

Our care home has built up an excellent reputation within its community – the vast majority of new residents come via recommendations from others. This has been established through our commitment to the on­going provision of dedicated, quality care delivered to a high standard, within a homely environment.

We welcome visitors into our home and encourage family members and friends to get involved in their loved one’s care and to integrate into the home’s everyday life as a whole. Those looking for a care home are welcome to visit at any time.

We are committed to providing professional and respectful care, whilst maintaining exceptional standards. We recognise that everyone is different, so we adapt our care to suit each person’s needs.

We aim to create the right environment which supports physical and mental well-being, enabling our residents to maintain their rights, identity, and independence as individuals; whilst creating a spirit of trust and confidence in our professional standards. Dignity and privacy are implicit in the standards of all our homes, which is encouraged by all members of staff through induction and on­going mentorship.


Recommended Residential Care Home

The Cottage Nursing Home
"Top 3 Most Recommended”
Care Home in Wellingborough Area



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Recommended Residential Care Home

 The Cottage Nursing Home
"Top 3 Most Recommended”
Care Home in Wellingborough Area


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